48 years – Silent Dictator

48 Flyer(日本語)

“A glimpse into a labyrinth of delusions in the mind of Iwao Hakamada, known as the world’s longest-held death row inmate.”

About the film:
Iwao Hakamada, a former professional boxer, was sentenced to death in 1968 for mass murder and held on death row for 48 years, the longest stint in history. In 2014, he was granted an immediate release when the Shizuoka district court found that the evidence against him had been fabricated.  Mr. Hakamada now lives peacefully with his sister in Hamamatsu.

This documentary was filmed in 2015, one year after Mr. Hakamada’s discharge. In interviewing Mr. Hakamada, now 79 years old and still suffering from prison psychosis, this record attempts to capture the immeasurable solitude of nearly half a century.  Walking alongside Hakamada through his labyrinth of delusions, amidst fading memories and the powerful will to victory, it glimpses into Hakamada’s complicated psychology, a web of opaque logic warped by his life’s predicament.

Special Award - Mt. Fuji Atami Film VR Festival - 2018B
Mt. Fuji – Atami International Film & VR Festival Special Prize Award


Nomination – Wellington Independent Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Dumbo Film Festival - 2019

Official Selection – Dumbo Film Festival 2019

Director/DP/Editing/Interview: Hiroshi Sunairi
DCP: Japan/USA

CAST: Iwao Hakamada & Hideko Hakamada

Joel Kimbeck
Associate Producer: Yoshinobu Tsunoo, Toshi Shibata, Nobuhiro Terasawa, Takao Sunairi, Fumiko Sunairi

Music: Arto Lindsay (Recorded by Thiago Nassif at Audio Rebel, Rio de Janeiro)
prelude: Shoko Nagai & Satoshi Takeishi
epilogue: Yuuki Ono

Art Direction: Norimichi Kobayashi

Shimizu location guide: Toshiki Yamazaki
Contact: Atsushi Zuraken
English Subtitle: Hiroshi Sunairi & Sam Bett

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COMMENT (Kazuo Hara, a documentary film director):
Iwao Hakamada, veteran of death row, spins his tale in opaque language from another world, relying on a logic all his own. To hear him speak is to feel the brain beckoned toward chaos. Yet for Hakamada, who spent decade after decade in solitary confinement, the persistence of this other world is what has kept him sane. In a disturbing reversal, we begin to recognize our world, the world that drove Hakamada into his own, for the perverse and terrifying place it really is.


Theater Release:
Cinemae-ra HAMAMATSU 12/22-12/28/2018

Film Festivals:
Yogyakarta, Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) 12/1-12/7/2019
The Dharamshala International Film Festival 11/1-11/4/2018
ARKIPEL Jakarta International Documentary/Experimental Film Festival 8/8-8/16/2018
Mt. Fuji Atami Film & VR Festival, Japan 6/28-7/1/2018
The 8th Cambodia International Film Festival 3/5-3/9/2018

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Special Thanks: Na Thirakomen, Atsushi Tonosaki, Mari Murakami
Mike Rogers, Koji Kamibayashi, Kayoko Fujita, Kiki Sugino
Masanobu Sakamoto, Masayuki Enomoto, Koji Ono & Mitsuyo Ono
Hamamatsu Citizen Association for Saving Iwao Hakamada
Shimizu Citizen Association for rescuing Iwao Hakamada
Japan Association for Social Justice and Human Rights


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