Titans (work in progress)
Das (work in progress)
Tree Project Film (work in progress)
OK1 おきなわのふうけいが (work in progress)
OK2 オキナワより愛を込めて FROM OKINAWA WITH LOVE (2022/01:57:07)
OK3 Okinawa Philadelphia (2022/00:56:20)
Qué Tan Lejos / How Far Am I (2021/01:19:43)
48 years – Silent Dictator (2017/01:17:47)
air (2017/01:32:37)
Cosmic Movements (2015/01:13:53)
Making Mistakes (2012/01:07:36) 

Three Times (2019/05:21)
PUERTO (2017/28:00)
Majulah Singapura (2017/49:22)
Letter (201/11:42)
Where it flows out into the plains (2016/00:38:26)
Commemorative Photo – a picture of seven families (2014/10:45)
Tree Project Film (2013/27:21)
air (2012/00:30:00)
Pilgrimage (2010/28:00)
On The Road (1996/30:00)


48 years – Silent Dictator/ 沈黙の独裁者, The 28th Rendezvous With Madness Festival
Qué Tan Lejos / How Far Am I, online local premiere, DocsMX and FilmChihuahua
48 years – Silent Dictator/ 沈黙の独裁者, Yogyakarta, Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD)
48 years – Silent Dictator/ 沈黙の独裁者, The Dharamshala International Film Festival48 years – Silent Dictator/ 沈黙の独裁者, ARKIPEL Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival 2018 – Homoludens48 years – Silent Dictator/ 沈黙の独裁者, Mt. Fuji Atami Film & VR Festival, Atami city,  Japan48 years – Silent Dictator/沈黙の独裁者, the 8th Cambodia International Film Festival, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
air,  International Peace Film Festival in Gangjeong, Seogwipo City, Jeju Special Province, South Korea
air, test screening, “Imprisoned, Jailbreak, Imprisoned, Jailbreak” at statements, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Making Mistakes, “Imprisoned, Jailbreak, Imprisoned, Jailbreak” at statements, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Majulah Singapura, M1  Singapore Fringe Festival 2014, National Museum of Singapore
Tree Project Film, cutlog Paris 2013 “Empty Happiness, ”curated by Ellen Y. Chang, Atelier Richelieu, Paris, France
Tree Project Film, Art Taipei 2013, video art program: Into the woods, Taipei, Taiwan.
Tree Project Film, The 10th Green Film Festival in Seoul – this year’s Green Competition, the international competition category of the GFFIS, Seoul, Korea
Tree Project Film, cutlog art fair / video arts film festival, Program: Stay Here, New York, USA
Making Mistakes, the International Veask 2013 Buddhist Film Festival, Sri Lanka
air, Cinema Vérité, Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Teheran, Iran
air, The 4th DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival (DMZ Docs 2012), Bucheon-Si, South Korea
air, Cannes Court Métrage (Canne Short Film Corner), Nice, France
Making Mistakes, Gandhinagar International Film Festival, Gujarat, India
Making Mistakes, The Queens World Film Festival New York, U S A
Making Mistakes, Filums- the LUMS International Film Festival by the LUMS Media Arts Society (LMA) Lahore, Pakistan
Making Mistakes, UFO 0110 International Digital Film Festival 2012, New Delhi , India
Where it flows into the Plains, Gandhinagar International Film Festival, Gujarat, India
Making Mistakes, Independent Film Quarterly Film & Media Festival, NYC, USA
Making Mistakes & Tree Project Film, Green Screen Film Series, HSNY, NYC
Pilgrimage in “O,” Art Next Gallery, NYC, USA


48 years – Silent Dictator/48 years – 沈黙の独裁者
, 特別賞, 熱海国際映画祭長編コンペ –  Special Mention, The Mt. Fuji – Atami Film Festival
PUERTO (PORT) Experimental Forum 2017 Honorable Mention Award
2012Making Mistakes,Honorable Mention Documentary award (Queens World Film Festival)air, Documentary Silver Palm Award (Mexico International Film festival)
Making Mistakes, Documentary Audience Award, Independent Film Quarterly Film & New Media Festival


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