Three Times

Director: Hiroshi Sunairi

Producer: Joel Kimbeck
Associate Producer: Amish Josh
Assistant Director: Sotondronath Chakrabartti
Camera: Hiroshi Sunairi
Sound: Sefat Ana Badhon
Art Director: Sajal Kumar Adhikary
Editing: Hiroshi Sunairi

Location: Barishal (Barisal), Bangladesh

Duration: 05:21
A poem, “Merged into the Skies,” by Jibanananda Das
(Translated from the Bangla by Clinton B. Seely),
recited by Towfiq Oman in three different Mise-en-scène.

About the poem:
Originally published in Kavita – a Bengali poetry magazine, December, 1935;
The name of the (imaginary) woman was initially Haimantika,
in the Kavita version of this poem. When included in Jibanananda’s
fifth book of poetry, 
Darkness of Seven Stars,
Haimantika had been named Suranjana.2Jibanananda Das (18 February 1899 – 22 October 1954):

An Indian poet, writer, novelist and essayist in the Bengali language. Popularly called “Rupashi Banglar Kabi” (Poet of Beautiful Bengal), Das is probably the most read poet after Rabindranath Tagore and Nazrul Islam in Bangladesh and West Bengal. While not particularly recognized initially, today Das is acknowledged as one of the greatest poets in the Bengali language.3Special Thanks:

Fakrul Alam, Muhammed Muhsin, Clinton B. Seely,
Marif Ahmmed Bappi and Anisur Rahman Khan Swapan

early elephant film © 2019


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