48 years – 沈黙の独裁者

48 years – Silent Dictator

A glimpse into a labyrinth of delusions in the mind of Iwao Hakamada, known as the world’s longest-held death row inmate.

監督・撮影・編集 Director/DP/Editing
砂入博史 Hiroshi Sunairi
HD – Duration: 01:17:47




Iwao Hakamada, a former professional boxer, was sentenced to death in 1968 for mass murder and held on death row for 48 years, the longest stint in history. In 2014, he was granted an immediate release when the Shizuoka district court found that the evidence against him had been fabricated.  Mr. Hakamada now lives peacefully with his sister in Hamamatsu.

This documentary was filmed in 2015, one year after Mr. Hakamada’s discharge. In interviewing Mr. Hakamada, now 79 years old and still suffering from prison psychosis, this record attempts to capture the immeasurable solitude of nearly half a century.  Walking alongside Hakamada through his labyrinth of delusions, amidst fading memories and the powerful will to victory, it glimpses into Hakamada’s complicated psychology, a web of opaque logic warped by his life’s predicament.

袴田巌 Iwao Hakamada
袴田秀子 Hideko Hakamada

記録/聞き取り Document/Interview
砂入博史 Hiroshi Sunairi

プロデューサー Producer
ジョエル・キンベック Joel Kimbeck

アソシエイトプロデューサー Associate Producer
角尾宣信 Yoshinobu Tsunoo
柴田とし Toshi Shibata
寺澤暢紘 Nobuhiro Terasawa
砂入隆夫 Takao Sunairi
砂入文子 Fumiko Sunairi

英語字幕 English Subtitle
砂入博史 Hiroshi Sunairi & サム・ベット Sam Bett

音楽 Music
プレリュード prelude 永井晶子 & 武石聡 Shoko Nagai & Satoshi Takeishi
エピローグ epilogue 小野雄紀 Yuuki Ono


清水撮影案内 Shimizu location guide
山崎俊樹 Toshiki Yamazaki

コンタクト Contact
瑞慶覧 Atsushi Zuraken

スペシャルサンクス Special Thanks
小野孝司 Koji Ono & 小野光代 Mitsuyo Ono
Hamamatsu Citizen Association for Saving Iwao Hakamada
Shimizu Citizen Association for rescuing Iwao Hakamada
Japan Association for Social Justice and Human Rights

early elephant film ⓒ 2017


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