Where it flows out into the Plains

early elephant film

A film by Hiroshi Sunairi
HD – Duration: 00:38:26
produced by Joel Kimbeck & Amish Jøshi

Poem Recitation by Devika Raghave (“Kuri Bochhor Pore” by Jibanananda Das)

Original Soundtrack by Shoko Nagai & Satoshi Takeishi

About the film:

The film is an exploration, a journey through the Northern/Western parts of India depicting the colors, the sound, the energy, the beauty and chaos of the mystical land and its people, their faith, which leads to Hrishikesh where the river Ganges leaves the Himalayas and flows into the plains. This film combines poetry, Buddhist and Hindu philosophy, immerse the viewers to an exhilarating & spiritual experience, a meditative journey within.


2016, 2nd Dehradun International Film Festival, Dehradun, India ddniff.com
2012, The 2nd Gandhinagar International Film Festival, Gujarat, India giff.co.in


Special Thanks: Aparna Srivastav Bhagat, Santanu Ganguly, Jagrit Anand, Vidyanand Ayyannan Shettu, Jalal Saedpanah, Sahil ChadhaMrinmoy Nandi, Fumiko & Takao Sunairi


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