Majulah Singapura

“There is a certain beauty in the unexpected, in the sort of art that does not shock and awe, but instead, worms its way quietly into your heart.” – Corrie Tan, The Straits Times

HD film (Duration – 00:49:22)
Conceived, cinematography, edited and directed by Hiroshi Sunairi
Sound by Hiroshi Sunairi and Iva, Nur’lffah Sa’adon
Produced by Joel Kimbeck


Over the last decade, Hiroshi Sunairi has been distributing seeds of the trees that survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima around the world. As an universal remembrance of the event as well as a memorandum of hope in the life of trees, Majulah Singapura captures the launching of this art project, Tree Project in Singapore in 2014. As a reference to the national anthem of Singapore, Majulah Singapura, the film focuses on the unique foundation of the country; a melting pot of diversity of races and culture.

Singapore’s Tree Project participants, selected based on their diverse backgrounds, reflect on their personal connections and meanings to the project.  They re-enact themselves in their settings, and their dialogues, written in collaboration with participants, create a unique atmosphere of a non-fiction film.  These participants talk about what it means to grow a symbol of history and strength while the film is interwoven with the Singapore Wind Symphony’s “Majulah Singapura” as well as a participant’s band, Tralalalalalas’s tune.

Cast and written in collaboration with:
Juria Toramae
Kamil Iqbal Haque
Michelle Xing
Azlyn Khalid
Sunia Teo (Singapore Botanic Gardens)
Tini Aliman (Tralalalalalas)
Karol Tong
Ng Jie Ling
Ng Say Leong
Ng Soh Goh
Poh Ah Swee
Quek Beng Choo
Poh You
Poh Lian Tee
Daniela Beltrani
Luca Beltrani
Ai and Chizue Honda
Corrie Tan

3 4 5
Hibaku Seeds:
Tetsuya Sera (Hiroshima Botanical Garden)
Chikara Horiguchi (Arboriculture Hiroshima)

Hideko Yamada (Green Legacy Hiroshima/Ant-Hiroshima)
Tan Ai Hua Margaret (Tembusu College)
Jean Louise Lee (National Parks Board)
Adrian Tan (the Singapore Wind Symphony)
Melissa Lim (The Necessary Stage)
Jezamine Tan (The Necessary Stage)

Hokkien  – Melissa Lim
English  – Nick McDonell

“Ritual Music”
Composed by David Skidmore and performed by
Deng Wanlin (marimba, snare drums, tambourine)
Ang Ching Hong (Tom-toms, marimba, tambourine)
Nurul Maisarah Sainuddin (Bongos, Congas, crotales, marimba, tambourine)
Alfri Md Yusoff (bass drum, djembe, anvil, tambourine)

Composed and performed by Tralalalalalas

“Majulah Singapura”
Composed by Zubir Said
Arranged & orchestrated by Phoon Yew Tien
Transcribed for wind band by ME5 Philip Tng
Performed by the Singapore Wind Symphony conducted by Richard Png

“Count on Me, Singapore”
Composed by Hugh Harrison
Arranged by Chen Zhangyi
Performed by the Singapore Wind Symphony conducted by Richard Png

Japan FoundationHiroshima Botanical GardenM1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2014

Photo in the film: Edlyn Ng, Suzanna Kusuma, Sherry Yeu, Marianne Pereira, Katy Harris, Jezamine Tan, Juria Toramae, Karol Tong, Chizue Honda, Daniela Beltrani, Melissa Lim, Corrie Tan, AiLoon Choo, Catherine Ho, Chu Qiao, Eleanor Song, Mohammed Ramlee Samsudin, Ong Kian Peng (Bin), Sharon Koung, Tini Aliman and Yvonne Boyer


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