Conceived, cinematography, edited and directed by Hiroshi Sunairi
Produced by Joel Kimbeck
Associate producer: Yao Yaocihuatzin and Tlalcihuatzin Montse Olmos
Sound by Yoon Choi
Music Score: Kalpulli Huehuetlahtolli
Duration: 01:13:53
Subtitle: English
Language/Dialogue: English, Anahuac and Spanish

Brief Summary

In New York and New Jersey, there is a group of Mexican Americans and Chicanos – indigenous people with roots in Mexico practicing the tradition of Anahuac (Aztec). The film follows danza (dance) and rituals of the group, Kalpulli Huehuetlahtolli and interviews the individuals about the heart of it’s culture. Their testimonies reveals the complex history of colonized past and evolution.


The Spaniards conquered Anahuac and the culture metamorphosed. In New York, there is a group of Mexican Americans and Chicanos – indigenous people with roots in Mexico practicing Anahuac (Aztec) culture. The film follows their vibrant danza (dance) by the group, Kalpulli Huehuetlahtolli. Their desire to revive the original Aztec culture met with a comprehension of their ancestors’ survival absorbing Christianity. Capitan Anibal Becerril Alcantara states that ritual words attest to this evolution’s complexity. Capitana Guadalupe Becerril Alcantara unfolds her struggle of being misunderstood by her family members, wishes to pass on this humble love and respect to the younger generation and offers an advice to the world for an ecological betterment. Capitana Yaocihuatzin describes her heritage objects – Popochcomitl (burner) and performs a session spelling out prayers for her family, the group, mankind, earth and moon. The film also witnesses their arcane activities such as all female mother blessing event, sweat lodge ritual and informs the inner working narrated by Tlalcihuatzin Montse Olmos and Capitana Quetziquetl Jaramillo. Capitan Edward Jaramillo talks about how he encountered the culture, a birth of the group, and his political and social commitment to the Mexican population in the U.S.

Cast (in order of appearance)

Capitana Guadalupe Becerril Alcantara, Capitan Edward Jaramillo, Capitan Anibal Becerril Alcantara, Capitana Yaocihuatzin, Tlalcihuatzin Montse Olmos, Capitana Quetziquetl Jaramillo, Tlazohtiani Hilario Jaramillo

Yesica Meyolotzin Abrajan-Mani, Anuar Rosaldo, Xihuitl Texotli Aries, Cecilia Ortega, Isela Martinez, Karen Johana Lopez-Acero, Kylah Rane Fernandez, Capitan Andres Aguilar Sanchez (La Mesa Central Chichimeca Queretaro), Vero Itztli, Natalia Gianella Perez, Denise, Wendy Mejia, Yadira A Aleman, Francisco Ceyaotl Marin, Miguel Angel Tonalkoyotl Muñiz, Gustavo Cuauhcoatl Arias, Guadalupe Camacho Gonzalez, Jose Margarito Aguilar, Carlos Jimenez, Andrea Renee Donez, Brenda Flores, Jessica Bonilla, Mery Betsellie, Sol Aramendi, Tlazohtiani, Mazatl, Tezcalito Veronica’s Son, Sioux Greaux, Tomas Robles, Tomas Daughters, Javier Allende, Tecolo Xochitl, Gustavo Benedicto Angulo, Francisco Ceyaotl Marin & Tonalmina, Edgar Adrian Alcantara’s GF, Toxtlehuitl Mendez, Edgar Adrian Alcantara, Yuridia OllinCihuatl Martinez, Marcela Alatorre, Lily Rojas, Byron Tzoc Guarchaj, Natalia Uribe, Teresa Vivar, Ruben Chico, Miguel Angel Tonalkoyotl Muñiz’s wife, Chicomecoatl, Jose Margarito’s wife, Wife of Tomas Robles, Iliana Ramirez, Quetzalli Vera, Tlalteolli Del Palacio, Teresa’s daughter, Tezcatl Arias, Alfredo Martinez, Xihuitl Texotli Aries, Zindy Itzpapalotl Farcier, Veronica

Kalpulli Press Kit

About Kalpulli Huehuetlahtolli

Loosely translated from the ancient Nahuatl language, our name stands for a community of ancient speaking. More in depth: Kalpulli is a group of people collectively working together to preserve Mexica traditions, not only through Danza and the passing down of historical teachings, but also in the arts, theologies, philosophies, spiritually, ancient traditions, ceremonies, language, natural medicine and herbology, meditation and ancestral songs. Kalpulli is a place where people of every age group and background can retrain themselves on the principles of our ancestors. The Huehuetlatolli, is the “ancient word”. Kalpulli utilizes elders and traditional teachers to support our efforts to provide indigenous leadership and community outreach. Aztecs are Nahuatl speaking descendants of Ancient Mexico. Mexicas are a nation of Aztecs that were most dominant in the area.


Kalpulli Huehuetlahtolli BIO

On October 24, 2010, parents and members of the community who value Mexica culture, danza tradition and the Mexica-Indigenous way of life, founded our Kalpulli with a mission to preserve ancestral traditions of Mexico, as well as other indigenous ways of life.

The group is newly formed, but has done much to establish ourselves, not only in New York but with like minded groups and individuals throughout the United States and Mexico. As an organization we are committed to community outreach primarily in New York City and New Jersey. Currently, Kalpulli Huehuetlahtolli is diligently working towards securing our 501c3 non-profit status.


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