l. air 2012 HD film

early elephant film presents
“ a i r ”
duration – 1:32:37
HD film

監督: 砂入博史
プロデューサー:ジョエル・キンベック & 柴田とし
キャスト: 小野フキ、小野凛太郎、小野トモコ、小野ゆうき、堀口力、栃窪康一、竹澤勇三
撮影: 砂入博史 & 斉藤良隆
編集&録音: 砂入博史
音楽: ロベルト・シューマン & 蓮沼執太
ミュージシャン: イトケン (ドラム)、石塚周太 (ギター)、宮地夏海 (フルート)
サウンドミキサー: カルロス・シドレ・ヴェレツ

director: Hiroshi Sunairi
producer: Joel Kimbeck & Toshi Shibata
cast: Fuki Ono, Rintaro Ono, Tomoko Ono, Yuuki Ono, Chikara Horiguchi, Yasuichi Tochikubo, Yuzo Takezawa
cinematography: Hiroshi Sunairi & Yoshitaka Saito
edit & sound: Hiroshi Sunairi
music: Robert Schumann, Shuta Hasunuma
musician: itoken (drum), Shuta Ishizuka (guitar), Natsumi Miyaji (flute)
sound engineer: Toshihiko Kasai
sound mixer: Carlos Andrés Cidre Vélez

“r e  v i s i t”

監督: 砂入博史
プロデューサー:ジョエル・キンベック & 柴田とし
キャスト: 堀口力、砂入博史、栃窪康一、竹澤勇三
撮影: 田辺清人、砂入博史
編集&録音: 砂入博史
音楽: ロベルト・シューマン & 蓮沼執太
ミュージシャン: イトケン (ドラム)、石塚周太 (ギター)、宮地夏海 (フルート)
機材提供: 古屋幸一

director: Hiroshi Sunairi
producer: Joel Kimbeck & Toshi Shibata
cast: Chikara Horiguchi, Hiroshi Sunairi, Yasuichi Tochikubo, Yuzo Takezawa
cinematography: Kiyohito Tanabe, Hiroshi Sunairi
edit & sound: Hiroshi Sunairi
music: Robert Schumann, Shuta Hasunuma
musician: itoken (drum), Shuta Ishizuka (guitar), Natsumi Miyaji (flute)
sound engineer: Toshihiko Kasai
equipments: Koichi Furuya

あらすじ / Synopsis



“air” takes place in a taxi with a 60-year-old driver, while traveling, observing and intimately conversing of the inescapable fact of life after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.  While busy streets of Tokyo swamp the sky of an unknown suspense, trees survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima evokes a hope.


Film Festivals:
April 23-26, 2016, “The 1st International Peace Film Festival in Gangjeong,” in “Lives on the Verge” section, South Korea
Nov 3-9, 2012 “Cinema Vérité” Iran International Documentary Film Festival the non-competition section, “Our Universe”
2012 Sep. 21~27 4th DMZ Docs, the 4th DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival International Competition program
June 2012 Mexico International Film festival, San Diego, USA – Documentary Silver Palm Award
May 2012 Cannes Court Métrage – Festival de Cannes SHORT FILM CORNER Nice, France

2016 Imprisoned, Jailbreak, Imprisoned, Jailbreak, Komagome SOKO, Japan
2012 The Fire that Doesn’t Go Out, Oberlin College Baron Gallery


作品コメント / Director’s statement about the film




“Talking about Fukushima through film” Sep 10, 2011
The Chugoku ShimBun

Translation: “Being near the World Trade Center was frightening but the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, Tsunami and subsequent Fukushima radiation leak was so much more unnerving.”  This year, with his HD camcorder, Sunairi traveled to Fukushima and shot 8 hours of footage there. Sunairi, born in Hiroshima, came to the U.S. at 18, has created art works based on Hiroshima and the atomic bombing, 9.11 and memory. He saw people living normally in places that are heavy with radiation without any protection. Sunairi said, “People there are forced silence without sufficient information and awareness given.” Sunairi noticed that the people in his hometown, Hiroshima are indifferent about Fukushima’s situation.  He aims to make a film that will show what it’s like being there without narration or explanation. He will make it into artistic documentary film and intends to submit to the film festivals in the world.



仁科アヤ、斉藤良隆、オーサンクゥアン、カルロス・シドレ・ヴェレツ、蓮沼執太、イトケン、石塚周太、宮地夏海、葛西敏彦、田辺清人、古屋幸一、竹澤勇三、堀口力、砂入隆夫、砂入文子、栃窪康一、公益財団法人 現代芸術振興財団

special thanks:

Aya Nishina, Yoshitaka Saito, Ohsung Kwon, Carlos Andrés Cidre Vélez, Shuta Hasunuma, itoken, Shuta Ishizuka, Natsumi Miyaji, Toshihiko Kasai, Kiyohito Tanabe, Koichi Furuya, Yuzo Takezawa, Chikara Horiguchi, Takao Sunairi, Fumiko Sunairi, Yasuichi Tochikubo, Contemporary Art Foundation



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